She makes you wonder

A single brush stroke can really be amazing itself. You can never underestimate the simplicity in pictures and drawings, often the most simple drawings are the most beautiful ones. The ones that really make you wonder what it is and what could’ve been there. I always feel scared to add to much to my illustrations, I want to keep it really basic and make it look spontaneous and sometimes that’s hard. You feel you could go on forever, change and add things and change again and put another color here and there. I always do the last part in photoshop where I can really look into my drawing with a critical eye and remove brush strokes that makes it look overworked or change a color or add something else. Simplicity is really what it’s all about. Less is more, right?

(This illustration is full of glitter and it’s such a pity it doesn’t show off as good here as it does on paper. I will post some photographs later to show you the original piece, it sure makes a difference.)


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2 thoughts on “She makes you wonder

  1. Hi sara

    I love this illustration! You asked me a while back which one I was interested in buying. I think this might be the one! Would you consider selling it?

    Kind regards


    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Clare,

      I’m happy to hear you like it. As for right now I’m unfortunately not selling any original pieces but I’m working on updating my Etsy shop in the moment and can contact you as soon as this piece is available, however, then it will be a print.

      Talk soon!

      Best wishes,

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